Each year, the Glencroft Community Association (GCA) has a food drive to support St. Mary’s Food Bank. This year the food drive will run September 9-19. Donation boxes for food items will be placed in Henry’s, Providence Place and Towers lobbies on September 9th. Please note, no glass containers and no items past the “best used by” date.

Did you know that St. Mary’s buying power is over three and a half times that of Glencroft Residents? An individual can buy 2 cans for a dollar but St. Mary’s can buy 7 cans for a dollar. In 2018, Glencroft’s financial donation was over $4,000 and food donations were in excess of 400 pounds. In total, the GCA Food Drive provided 39,394 meals!

As stated above, financial donations are gladly appreciated. Boxes will be located at the main desk in the Towers, the Villas and Providence Place. Contributions are tax-deductible and checks should be made out to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

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