Meet Tom Fulghum

Tom Fulghum is a homegrown Arizonan. Born in Bisbee, Tom’s dad worked in the copper mines for 40 years.

As Tom was growing up, many thought that he would become a pastor or a musician as he often performed small Christian concerts, playing the piano and singing. Tom was also the student band director his Junior and Senior years and learned to play all of the band instruments.

After graduating from high school, Tom attended Wheaton College in Illinois where he graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Tom says of Wheaton: “Three wonderful things happened there; I met Lois, the girl of my dreams, I felt the Lord’s call to become a missionary and I received a good education.”

Tom and Lois married and Tom taught for 6 years before they joined HCJB Radio and moved to Quito, Ecuador. HCJB, founded in 1931, was the first radio station with daily programming in Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. Soon after arriving in Quito, Tom got hepatitis and was unable to work for 3 months. A missionary gave him radio and management books to study. Being a creative person, Tom never pictured himself in management, but in a short time he was made the Director of Broadcasting. He enjoyed finding areas where people were gifted and placing them to succeed. By the end of their 27 years in Quito, Tom was the Director of the Latin American region.

In addition to his other responsibilities, Tom enjoyed writing and arranging music with a Latin flavor along with 2 other gifted composers. He had opportunities to create choirs from the local communities and lead the music during evangelistic crusades. The Fulghums moved to Oregon for a year and Tom worked with Louis Palau and helped to set up a mini crusade in Scotland, before being called back to Ecuador to help with HCJB’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Over the years, some other areas that Tom was involved with were “Suitcase Radio”, where two suitcases contained all that was needed to start a radio station in a new country. Solid Christian groups with a vision for radio ministry were sought out and they were given the radio and the training. He also helped to create a foundation, Association of Andean Ministries (ASOMA), which received TV channels, one in each of three large cities. Tom helped as they worked on programming and acquiring equipment. ASOMA is still active. Tom also felt strongly about national development and started a Christian Communication Center. This college level training taught radio, TV and writing courses to Ecuadorians. A college from New York included the students so that they could earn a degree.

The Fulghums moved to Colorado Springs, HCJB’s headquarters, and worked for a few years. As they neared retirement they wanted to move to a Christian community. Their daughter, who lives in Phoenix, encouraged them to come to Arizona and look. Driving by Glencroft in 2013, their daughter felt that they should check it out, though she knew nothing about it. During their visit here they knew this was the place where they wanted to retire. Their home in Colorado sold quickly and they moved here in July 2013.

Tom is involved in the Glencroft Writing Club and says that as he reads back through his journal he can see how the Lord has led him and given him the experiences needed for every job he has done. Tom has also been involved on the GCA Board and helped to get additional video cameras for GTV programming. Tom has presented devotions on Channel 4 occasionally and a few years ago he started the prayer sheet that is distributed on campus.

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