Did you know that the indoor swimming pool by the Administration complex was not the first pool at Glencroft? Originally a kidney shaped pool was outside of what is now Friendship Manor. At that time, the pool was not fenced in and was not used by many residents. In the summer the pool deck was very hot and there wasn’t much shade. In the winter, residents found it to be too cool to enjoy. Evan Oswald, longtime Glencroft resident said, “If you saw someone using the pool, usually it was a winter visitor from the mid-west.”

In the mid 1980’s, after the Administration offices, Auditorium, Activities Center and guest rooms were built, the indoor pool was constructed. The area includes men’s and women’s changing rooms and the spa. The pool was paid for by Doris Begley, a resident who used the pool for exercise and therapy for a neck condition. After it opened, residents and employees benefited by the new pool. Keith and Helen Erb’s daughter, Maribeth, came twice a week to lead water aerobics to anyone who was interested. In the late 1990’s the pool was remodeled and a second set of steps was added, as well as the pool lift.

Today the pool has three different women’s exercise groups and a time when assistance is available for those needing to use the pool lift. The pool schedule is available from the Activities Center and also in the pool area, if you would like to find a time to swim or join a group.

Please note that the pool does not have a lifeguard on duty and you are responsible for your own safety. Swimming alone is strictly prohibited unless you have signed a pool waiver. It is available in the Activities Center and in Resident Services.

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