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This website is designed to be your digital handbook for the large 40-acre campus of Glencroft Center for Modern Aging.

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We were excited to see a large number of visitors on our campus. Glencroft residents invited friends and family to the Expo and to see Glencroft first hand.

There were more than 24 vendors representing a variety of providers and each had tickets for a raffle prize. In addition to the vendors, a number of Glencroft’s staff provided samples of Zoe foods; the roasted sweet potato salad and the fresh pineapple and cucumber salad. There were also samples of the delicious, low calorie, meal replacing smoothies and green tea with aloe from the smoothie bar, located in the Performance Center.

Dining Services made delicious street tacos, with beef or chicken. There were also chips and salsas and a churro table with a variety of toppings for dessert. More than 350 people were served lunch.

The Performance Center was open and Beta testers demonstrated the machinery while people toured the area. Steve Heller was in the Performance Center answering questions. One visitor commented that he had expected a lot more work out equipment but Steve explained that equipment isn’t needed to improve fall prevention, mobility and increase core body strength. He shared that when he trained professional athletes, he didn’t use weight lifting equipment, but that they were taught how to use their body weight and movement to increase their strength and those same principles were being used here. Currently there are more than 100 Beta testers working out 2-3 times a week and noticing overall improvements. (Please see the ZoeLife magazine, available in the Performance Center, for actual Beta test results and testimonials.)

Visitors and Residents were free to check out the University/Movement Room and the Clinic areas too. When asked about the lecture schedule, Steve explained that a wide variety of presenters from a broad range of vocations offer their expertise during the class times. Each lecture falls under one of the 6 core pillars: spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual or vocational. Most of the lectures are not “straight lectures” per se, but are in a workshop format or participatory in nature.

Talking to a variety of visitors, these are some of the comments that were made: “I’m looking for a social place with an educational component.” “The staff and resident interactions are the difference you can see and feel.” “This place feels different, a warmer atmosphere than the nicer looking place across the street” “The campus is a lot more than I expected. I’m interested in the ZoeLife program.”

John Wenzlau, Center for Modern Aging CEO, said he felt that the Expo "was a positive experience for all".