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This website is designed to be your digital handbook for the large 40-acre campus of Glencroft Center for Modern Aging.

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On Thursday, April 25th, the Glencroft campus was filled with excitement and activity as Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers greeted residents, visitors and staff to the Center for Modern Aging Expo. The Mayor commended Glencroft on its sustained high occupancy rate. He said, “I consider you my own residents too. You are part of my community!” He released balloons into the air to celebrate the Center for Modern Aging Expo.

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Time for a Swim

Did you know that the indoor swimming pool by the Administration complex was not the first pool at Glencroft? Originally a kidney shaped pool was outside of what is now Friendship Manor. At that time, the pool was not fenced in and was not used by many residents. In the summer the pool deck was very hot and there wasn’t much shade. In the winter, residents found it to be too cool to enjoy. Evan Oswald, longtime Glencroft resident said, “If you saw someone using the pool, usually it was a winter visitor from the mid-west.”